Who We Are


To fund, build and promote solar power while assisting non-profit organizations with a socially-responsible focus to reduce their environmental footprints and better serve their communities.



The Sun Club is a voluntary program which gives Green Mountain customers yet one more way to make a difference for the environment. Through our members direct contributions we have installed more than 500 kW of new solar power on the roofs and campuses of worthy non-profits and helped educate the surrounding communities on the importance of this resource.


Sun Club solar donation recipients are chosen based on their needs, mission, and ability to educate the communities they serve on the importance of renewable energy. Exceptional recipients who  seamlessly incorporate their solar power source into their initiatives and serve as a role model for other organizations looking to adopt more sustainable practices are inducted into our Solar Leaders Hall of Fame.

These exceptional recipients and the Sun Club work together on an ongoing basis to further our joint mission of protecting the environment, educating the public on smarter energy use, and changing the way power is made.


Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Questions

Q:  Can I cancel my membership in the Sun Club at any time without penalty?

A:  Yes, there is no obligation to remain in the Sun Club. You can cancel your membership at any time and with no penalty.

Q:  Where can I find the priority call center phone number if I lose my Sun Club welcome kit?

A:  Texas members can find the phone number on their Green Mountain Energy® electricity invoices. New York and Pennsylvania members will need to call the regular Green Mountain customer care line (800-636-5690) and ask a representative for it for future reference.

Q:  Are my contributions to the Sun Club tax deductible?

A:  No, neither Green Mountain Energy Company nor the Sun Club are non-profit organizations. However, 100% of your contributions go to the Sun Club to build and promote solar energy.

Q: Can Sun Club members recommend non-profits to be considered for solar donations?

A:  Absolutely! We encourage all our members to spread the word about this great program to non-profits in their communities. Encourage them to apply online and be considered for a future solar donation.


Solar Donation Application Questions

Q:  Can I apply for a solar donation for my home?

A:  Sorry, no. Solar donations are reserved for non-profit organizations with socially-responsible missions. The exception to this rule is on a home for the needy built through a non-profit such as Habitat for Humanity.

Q:  Does the Sun Club donate the actual solar facility and own it?

A:  Most of the time, no, the Sun Club typically donates the funds for the organization to purchase the solar facility. However, the actual equipment has been donated on rare occasion. The organization is also the owner of the solar installation, owns the contract and warranty with the installer and manufacturer, and is ultimately responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of it.

Q:  Does the Sun Club only donate funds to purchase solar electric arrays?

A:  No, the Sun Club has donated funds for the installation of solar electric, solar hot water heaters and solar educational materials. We are open to new ideas from creative organizations interested in promoting solar energy in all its uses.

Q:  How big are the donations given away each year?

A:  The size of the donations are dependent on the need of the organization, the number of applicants and the available funds collected from our generous members. Past donations have ranged from a few thousand dollars to $140,000. When possible we also take advantage of grants and rebates available from third parties to help make the donation go even further.

Q:  Can my organization apply for a solar donation at any time?

A:  Yes, we are always accepting new applications for solar donations. However, recipients for the next calendar year are chosen in the late summer of the previous year. A call for applications is typically sent out in the early summer requesting applicants before the deadline. Any applications received after the deadline will be considered the following year.

Q:  How much insurance is needed to own a solar facility?

A:  That will vary from installation to installation. You will need to speak to your own insurance agent to know that true cost.

Q:  What type of maintenance is required for a typical solar array?

A:  Because there are no moving parts, very little.

Q:  How long will a solar array last?

A:  The typical warranty on parts is 25 years. The warranty on installation varies between installers.

Q:  Does the Sun Club help its recipient organizations find the right installer for their solar installations?

A:  Yes, in fact, we provide our own installer.

Q:  What is required to be considered as a solar donation recipient?

A:  See the basic requirements under the Apply for a Donation tab.